• 10:45
  • 07.08.23
  • 978 Просмотров

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A blonde chubby girl in a ladybug outfit is visibly dancing in line for the bathroom at yet another carnival event. Yes, she is not dancing to the music, but to the immense pressure of her overfilled bladder! As she gets more and more impatient, she seems to be thinking the unthinkable: What if I accidentally pee in my cute carnival outfit as a grown woman? She starts talking to some girls behind her, but will it be enough to help her growing desperation? Next we see a young, shy blonde girl in a seductive military outfit. The tight pants are doing a great job in showing off her perfect ass. She tries so hard to be subtle about her aching bladder. But will her mind, her spirit and her bladder be as tough as a real soldier? Sadly, she can only stand with her legs tightly crossed. Trying to disctract herself on the phone doesn’t seem to be enough, it’s an emergency here.


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