• 12:21
  • 07.08.23
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A cute 20-year-old girl (probably an exchange student?) in a hoodie has to pee very bad at a carnival parade. However, she doesn‘t seem to know that the lines to the ladies are longer than expected in such an event. She starts queuing with a worrisome look on her face. She is already bending over and crossing her legs in her tight black jeans. After a while, some women in the line tell her where the end of the long queue is. She realizes her mistake and immediately leaves to queue somewhere else...another a toilet nearby. She’s doing whatever it takes to keep those jeans dry. Anoher long line terrifies her (and her bladder) once again, which makes her almost cry from her desperation. There’s simply nowhere to relieve herself, but to wait. In the 2nd scene, we have an extremely attractive blonde girl with a bunny tail sharing a similar fate. She tries her best to remain cheerful in the first few minutes. But not long after, you can see her grimacing, bending over, telling the girls in f


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